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The Team's Current Focus
  • Down and Dead in Dixie 98% 98%
  • Down and Dead in Even 90% 90%
  • Her Perfect Life 45% 45%
  • Down and Dead in Fern 5% 5%

Down and Dead in Dixie.  We’ve launched!  Now we’re in the marketing stage.  Mid-March there are a number of ads running.  Mostly in the week of 3/24 – 3/31.

Team Action Request:  If you can retweet and FB share/comment during that time, I’d appreciate it.

Down and Dead in Even.  The My Evil Valentine collection with the other authors expires 4/1. Shortly thereafter, I will have Even available as a stand-alone short story.

Team Action Request:  In April, if you could post reviews, tweet or Facebook, that would be awesome.

Down and Dead in Fern.  I’ve done some plotting and since this is the other woman in Even, we know pretty much where it is going to go.  

Team Action Request:  PRAYERS!

Her Perfect Life.  I’m revising this book.  It came out in about 2006 and won a bunch of awards, but it was not a clean read.  I’m trying to rewrite it as one now.  About 8 chapters into the rewriting.  So it’ll be a bit yet before it’s done.

Team Action Request:  Prayers I don’t mess it up and it comes out right!

A note:  Team members can request review copies of published books any time.


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