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Bridge-Walker Team members do as much or as little as they can at a given time to assist in reaching more people.  We all have commitments and sometimes life interrupts.  All we ask is that you do agree to do something and then not do it without telling us.  That creates complications.  Otherwise, be as active as you please!


Here are some of the things Team Members have done:


BETA Reading.  BETA Readers read books before they are published and give feedback–their personal thoughts about the book, point out any errors noted and that type of thing.  Overall just say what you think about the work.

When a book is released, Bridge-Walkers help spread the word.  They post reviews at places like Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes, IBooks.  They post on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites where they’re regularly active.

With Special Promotions, Bridge-Walkers are given the opportunity to do something to help make others aware of a new release–always a matter of choice on participation.  An example.  I might ask if you’re willing to:

    • email five postcards to friends announcing a new release.
    • take a photo of yourself reading one of my books
    • take a poster to three bookstores or to the library in your area
    • Share book marks with other booklovers
    • Comment and Share online Blog Posts
    • Spread the word about contests or special promotions

When we have such an “event,” I do a drawing for participants to say thanks.  That might be a gift card, or a surprise gift.  You just never know…

Advice.  I often ask the Team for advice.  It might be on an idea, a related book, a promotional opportunity or research opinions on the subject of a book.  I rely on the Team and the Members’ judgement.  And the Team gifts me with Members’ honest opinions.

Reviewer or Influencer.  Some team members are reviewers or influencers.  They agree to give an honest review in exchange for an advance reading copy of the work.  Other team members have arranged for works to appear on the blogs or sites of Reviewers or Influencers.

In short:  The Bridge-Walker Team efforts are invaluable to me and they put Members on the bridge, walking with me to reach others.  In return, they have not only my trust and admiration but my deep appreciation and gratitude.  Which is why those to take on the tasks, are entered for drawings for special gifts and surprises.

What Team Members Do

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